Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cat Poseable Doll WIP 1.4

This post spans over a few days.  Making a silicone rubber mold takes time.  How much?  At least the cure time for the silicone rubber you use.  Add to it the time it takes to prepare the mold.  Let's also not forget you double all that when you make a 2 part mold.

The cat head I am making a mold of will be a 2 part mold.  I could probably do a 1 part mold and slush cast the resin, but I prefer to do a 2 part mold which gives a more consistent thickness.

I used magnets for my keys and the wall is foam board.

One part is done.

And here are the 2 parts of the rubber mold finished.

A side-by-side comparison of the original cat head and a resin cast head.  The original polymer clay head weighed 26.1 grams while the resin head weighed 21.9 grams.

There are some slight imperfection with the teeth and the back of one ear.  I have to check the mold to see if it was a one time thing or if some epoxy will be needed to do a minor fix.

I used Smooth-On Dragon Skin 30 for making my silicone rubber mold.  I used 8.4 oz of rubber for the first half and 5 oz of rubber for the second half.  The cure time is 16 hours for each part and I used 50 psi in the pressure pot to get rid of the bubbles.  Although you can use OOMOO 30 without a pressure pot, the results are better with a pressure pot.  The Dragon Skin 30 you NEED a pressure pot.  Even if you try to mix carefully, bubbles are created.  This stuff is thick to mix when compared to OOMOO 30.  And it costs more too.  :)

The resin I used was Smooth-Cast 305.  For the first cast I mixed 2 oz of resin, which was too much.  The second time I mixed 16 grams of resin, but that was too little.  So the third time I mixed 25 grams which was still just border line.  In the future I will aim for 27 grams.  I have to take into account extra resin that is left in the cup, syringe, and resin needed for the vent and pour hole.

I should probably make the paws next instead of giving into the temptation of painting the resin head.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cat Poseable Doll WIP 1.3

I couldn't put the cat head down, so I started working on the ear.  To help make the ears symmetrical, I made a cut out pattern on paper and cut it out of flattened polymer clay.

His head still needs a little touch-ups, but is otherwise mostly done.  I plan to make a silicone mold of the head so I can cast it in resin.

Cat Poseable Doll WIP 1.2

I did some work on the cat head today.  I added teeth and the eyes.  He still needs ears.  You can also see above the round polymer clay I was using.  I mixed black with a translucent white which looks gray but baked black... duh!  I should have used regular white to make the head gray.

I am not completely happy with the left tooth (or right one if you are looking at the picture).

He still needs ears.

And above you can see 2 attempts at claws.  The one on the left was the first attempt and the other is the second.  The first was too fat and round.  The second was much better.  I am not sure yet how big his paws will be so this was just a test on how to make the claws.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cat Poseable Doll WIP 1.1

I have decided to work on another poseable doll.  This time it will be a cat similar to the Cheshire Cat from Alice in the Wonderland.  Notice the wide grin but still simplistic in style.  I did finally add texture, which came out really well.  I still need to add the teeth, ears, and eyes.  He is made from polymer clay.  I wanted him a light to medium gray, but I made the mistake of mixing transparent white instead of real white...HAHA  Live and learn.