Monday, February 13, 2012

Poseable Pipefox

This poseable Pipefox took me a few hours to make him.  He is completely poseable and is about 16" long from tip of nose to tail.  The faux fur is dyed using Dye-na-Flow.  His stuffing is batting wrapped around a wire armature.  His eyes are glass beads and his nose is sewed black thread.


  1. Pretty, and so cute :)

    did you paint fur before assembly? or after?

    1. He was painted after assembly. I used a hair dryer instead of ironing to heat set. I don't know how well that would work though. I don't plan for him to go swimming or play in the rain. I have to test how well I can get the colors to set without application of high heat. High heat and faux fur is a bad idea.

    2. It will be interesting to see the results of the hair dryer method. But what a little cutie! :)