Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making a Poseable Art Doll: Part 6

The feet are sanded and primed.  They are now ready for painting, but I will have to wait until the head is ready.  I do plan to remove the primer where the faux fur will be glued to the feet so that it adheres well.

I have finished most of the sculpting for the head.  The wire is where the barb will be.  I haven't decided if it would bendable or not.  That creates a whole new level of problems.

Otherwise the only other thing that needs work now is the nose.  It keeps trying to give me problems with symmetry.

And this is how the head look on the body.

My favorite tools for sculpting my dragon are the ones shown in the picture.  I especially love those two rubber tipped shaper tools.  I want to get more of those in different sizes and firmness.

I did FINALLY locate some faux fur that I was okay with.  Note I said 'okay'.  I wanted a faux fur that was plush and soft.  Something that could be dyed to the colors I wanted and have a pattern painted onto it.  Since my dragon is small, I wanted fur that was about half an inch and no more than an inch.

The white faux fur I got from Joann is 100% acrylic I think.  It is about 0.5" thick (estimate), but isn't as dense as I would like.  It is also not as soft as I would like either.  I did find other faux furs there, but none fit all my requirements.  One was short, soft, and super dense... but it was brownish.  Another was dense, very long, white, but laid flat and looked choppy.  I ended up settling for the one I bought because of the length and color options (if the dye works).

This project is more complex than I thought it would be.  Or am I making it more difficult than it needs to?  :)

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