Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making a Poseable Art Doll: Part 2

I posted Part 1 of my Dragon Poseable Art Doll earlier today with progress I had previously made.  Here is what I got done today.

The light colored areas are where I started to sand it with 400 grit.  It wasn't as smooth as I thought it was.  The metal wire in the picture is just used to help prop the head up and is not a permanent part of the sculpture.

Things left to do to the dragon's head:
1.  Add ears.
2.  Make right side horn match left side.
3.  Fix back and lower jaw symmetry.
4.  Fix nose symmetry.
5.  Add barbel.
6.  Sand.

If you can tell from the pictures above, I made changes on his nose.  I have decided he was going to be more of a lung dragon than a western dragon.

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