Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making a Poseable Art Doll: Part 1

Recently I made a post about Poseable Art Dolls.  I have been interested in trying to make my own doll.

I am sculpting the doll using Super Sculpey.  I could have used color polymer clay, but I found Super Sculpey easier to use than FIMO at this time.  I do plan to paint the sculpted parts so it isn't flesh tone.  This works out just fine since I didn't know what kind of doll I was sculpting much less what type/color fabric I wanted to get.  That also means I haven't made the wire armature yet since I wasn't sure on size either.  I figure I do the head first and the rest will be determined later.

At first I didn't know what to sculpt so I made a basic skull and went from there.  I added clay and baked several times before I decided it was going to be a young dragon.

 Above you can see the tools I used a lot for this project.  These rubber tipped tools helped sculpt the clay better than some of my metal sculpting tools.

I did end up breaking the right eye off while attempting to add wire armature for the horns.  I used FIMO Liquid Deco Gel to make the repair .

The dragon is looking better each time.  I still need to figure out what kind of ears it will have if any.  Once the head is done, I will make the wire armature and then start working on sculpting the feet.

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