Friday, December 23, 2011

With and Without Pressure Pot

There is such a difference between using a pressure pot and not using one while using the same silicone rubber I had to make this post to sing my praises to the pressure pot.

It is easy to spot the difference when it comes to bubbles.  (Ignore color difference since it depends on exact ratio when A and B is mixed.)  These are cut sections from a junk silicone rubber mold using OOMOO 30, which is supposed to be useable without a pressure pot.  OOMOO 30 molds looks fine on the surface you are molding and works well for casting resin, but what you don't see is the insides.  The one on the right is obviously a cut section from a mold that was put in a pressure pot for 6 hours at 55 psi.

The silicone molds from the pressure pot are denser and take a little more force to cut then one that is full of bubbles.  Even the surface of the mold from the pressure pot seems shinier.

Just fascinating.  I love my pressure pot.

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