Saturday, December 24, 2011

Extra Tiny BJD Project: Part 9

I am still working on making my tiny reindeer in resin.  So far I have cast her multiple of times, so I can have 4-5 completed dolls made.

I made the wires in quantity instead of doing them per doll each time.  This assembly fashion should make the dolls more uniform and quicker.  I made a mark on my paper and cut wires to that length.  Then I used a jewelry pliers with round tips to bend each wire for the legs.

You can see the leg hooks on the left and on the right are pin wires and neck circles.

Above you can see some of the resin parts I have.  They had their seems cleaned, vents removed, and wet sanded.  Right now they are drying.  Although I have enough heads and rears, I am still short on neck joint, front end, mid joint, and legs.  So I will keep casting resin parts and pick the best for the 4-5 dolls I will be making.  I have less than 12 hours to finish this.  Will I make it on time?

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