Thursday, November 17, 2011

Extra Tiny BJD Project: Part 1

I was thinking of making a little animal BJD for a while, but I finally decided to work on one today.  He is supposed to be a little reindeer.  (I wanted to say she, but with antlers that makes it a he.)

Now to show how tiny he actually is.

His head is 0.75" long.  That should put things into perspective of what a tiny scale I am working on.  His head is so small I don't think I can do a head/face plate.  That also means he won't have removable eyes.  I suppose I will have to paint them on.

Above you can see all the parts involved.  One tiny ear, a head, both half of the copy, plus the midsection joint.  All that is left to create are the horns, tail, and legs.  Of course more refining is needed.

How difficult will this to string?  Is it doable?  I suppose I will find out.  This is going to be an exciting little side project.

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