Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Casting Pressure Pot Links

I should have a pressure pot for casting by the end of this year.  (I asked for a pressure pot for my upcoming birthday.)  It will be coming from the local Harbor Freight and will be 2.5 gallon in size.  I even have someone who will do the modifications needed to make this paint pot into a casting pressure pot.  But I need information on what needs to be done and what parts will be needed.  So below are some links about making the modification.  (I am posting this information all in one place so I can find it easily when I need it.)

NOTE:  This page is going to be randomly updated as I find more information pertaining to converting a paint pot to a pressure pot, plus other useful information about pressure pots.  So please excuse any random babbling.

Pressure Pot -  A simple, easy to understand explanation about the pressure pot and air compressor. (.pdf)

Pressure Paint Pot Conversion - A short explanation with part size mentioned.

Paint Tank Pressure Chamber Conversion - A post that also links to a photobucket gallery for Pressure Tank Modification.

Pressure Pot - A forum post that shows how different a modification can be.

Using a Pressure Chamber - Talks about casting using a pressure pot.  It also talks about having a pressure pot horizontally instead of vertical, which is what I plan to do.

Pressure Pot - A post with pictures that also shows what parts were used.

Resin Pressure Casting - A post including information on basic precautions.


  1. There is also a sticky by twigling about pressure pots at The Joint. Also, the book _Pop Sculpture_ by Tim Bruckner (et al), has some information about modifying a paint pot to make a pressure pot. Since you live in a humid climate, you may want to check into using a dehumidifier in the air line, so you only pump dry air into the pot (since resin is hydro-phobic (something like that?).

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