Friday, October 21, 2011

Resin Head B

My first few casts of Arisu's head from the silicone mold I made had more bubbles than I liked.  So I had to figure out what was wrong and fix it.  I enlarged vents and removed the part that imbedded the magnet in the resin.  One of the molds benefited from having the resin poured into one of the vents instead of the pour spout.

The resin casts on the left are one of the first few ones made.  The casts in the middle are some of the newer casts done with minimal bubbles.  You can also see how the head looks with both parts together on the right.

The two parts don't fit perfectly as of yet.  The resin casts in the above picture have not had all their flashing removed nor been sanded.  They are still in a rough state.  Once I do some sanding both halves should fit well.

I do plan to make a few changes to the pieces because of how the molds worked.

For one, I plan to make the split line as straight as possible so that the line is just about up to the base of the ears.

I am also rethinking the way the heads fit together.  The tab I made may not be the best of ideas since that is one spot that tends to SNAP off when I unmold it.  The one in the picture above is actually super glued back on.  Maybe a magnet there instead?  So instead of just needing 2 magnets I will need 4 per completed head.

I am busy this weekend so I will try to do the sanding next week and post pictures.  I need enough daylight and good weather for the sanding since I have to do it outside with a face mask.  You don't want to breath in resin dust.  Noooooo...

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  1. I guess it is always practice makes perfect. Keep trying - i am sure it will work out soon.