Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blog Disclaimer

This blog is a personal journal about my journey in the world of ball jointed dolls.  As such, this blog is for my benefit first and foremost.

It is not my intent to offend others while expressing my own thoughts, ideas, and experiences in any way and it is hard to say what exactly offends others.  If who I am offends you, please feel free to exit this blog at anytime.  I will not be offended if you didn't say good bye first.

I try to convey my thoughts as clearly as possible but there may be grammatical errors, misspelled words, incorrect sentence structure, or other reasons to suspect I did not get good grades in English.  (I got okay grades but I really did hate English class.  Sorry, if I offended any English teachers out there.)  It can also be easy to misunderstand written words.  Remember that this blog is written for my benefit so I at least need to understand myself... and I sometimes fail at that too.  I am human, so please remember that errors do happen and forgive me for my mistakes.

I may correct, change, or delete content on this blog at anytime and as many times as I want without written notice that I have done so.  There may even be missing chunks of information due to the fact my mind does 100+ wpm while my hands only types 50+ wpm.

With time contents of older posts may become outdated.  I may change my mind about what products I use, thoughts, ideas, processes, or my favorite color.  (In case you wanted to know I like black and silver.)  I have an open mind and am willing to make changes if it works for me.

Please be aware that with time external links may become invalid.  I attempt to provide useful links in my posts to help keep track of where I find information.  Should any of the links become broken or outdated, please leave a comment so I can look into it.  I am not responsible for the contents in external links since I have no control over them.

Posters are responsible for what they write in their own comments.  I reserve the right to delete comments for any reason since this is MY blog.  I may even chose to block the ability to post comments.  Please don't be offended if your comment gets deleted.  I might have just had a really bad day and decided to randomly delete something.

Health and Safety
I am not responsible for YOUR health and safety when it comes to the use of products mentioned or process.  What does that mean?  It means read the instructions on products you buy before you use them.  Companies write and include them for a reason.  If my information conflicts with the company information, follow what the company says and not what I write or did.  You are responsible for your own health and safety.  How often do we buy products that we never read the instructions for?  This is your life.  Protect it.  Many of the products used in doll making can be toxic to you in some way and require safety measures.

This blog is for me but is made publicly available for others to read.  Use the information contained in this blog at your own risk.

Disclaimer for my Disclaimer

It was not my intent to offend anyone with my off humor or style of writing.

Really though...  You can go insane trying to protect yourself with a disclaimer when all you are trying to do is document your journey and make it publicly available so that others may benefit as well.  I am a bjd hobbyist.  I am no expert or professional.  I am not a surgeon when I use sharp objects.  I am not a chemist because I mix part A and part B.  I am not a mathematician because I can add.  Please, just enjoy my blogged journey.  Thanks for reading.

Um, do I need a disclaimer for this too?

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