Monday, October 10, 2011

10mm Eyes Project: Part 5

The clear resin I will be using is Castin' Craft Easy Cast (Clear Casting Epoxy).

Since it is likely I will be using Easy Cast in small amounts I decided to test having them in a more easily dispensable container.  I have empty bottles like the Vallejo paints which I labeled Hardener and Resin.  If my paints are still good in their bottle after 5+ years, then maybe this will work... right?  Now I can dispense a drop at a time.  For this particular project I used 5 drops of each onto a tin muffin cup.  (And that was still too much resin mixed.  I can't imagine trying to pour that amount from the original bottles.)

The first application of clear epoxy resin was to coat the entire eye and fill the dip of the pupil.  According to the instructions it came with, 'thin castings will take longer than thick castings'.  So how long?  Not sure exactly, but less than 24 hours the resin was hard to the touch.

Since the eye would wiggle around its holder (an upside down lego piece), I put some clay in the holes to help secure the eye.

The second application was to round the top of the eye by slowly applying resin with my wooden stick to the top of the eye one drop at a time.

In less than 12 hours it is soft cured.  I waited longer than 24 hours to ensure it is hard cured before I wet sanded the eye with a 1000 grit sandpaper.

Her first pair of doll eyes are now ready.  Not a bad first attempt, but you should be able to clearly see that one eye has a smaller pupil and iris than the other.  Also, I think the iris itself needs to be bigger, so I will be making another mold.  These eyes make her look surprised.

Note:  This part of the project took several days to document before it was posted.

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