Friday, October 7, 2011

10mm Eyes Project: Part 4

Time to paint the pair of eyes I made in urethane resin.

First I wet sanded down the eyes with 1000 grit sandpaper.  After drying it was time to paint.

I decided to use what I already had.  Vallejo Game Color paints.  (They are over 5 years old but are still good after an intense shaking.)

I decided to make a pair of blue eyes for my doll.

Do you know how hard it is to paint an area less than 4mm with as much detail as you can?  Try it.  O.o

I first painted the blue which was mixed with some metallic silver.  What is the point of the metallic?  Regular grey could have worked to help dull the blue a tad, but I am hoping the use of metallic paint may give some reflective properties to the eyes.  After the base blue is painted, I dab a little black for the pupil.  I then lined the outside of the blue iris with a darker gray metallic.  I used a wash made from the blue/purple and gray to help add some depth.  Really though...  Can you even see detail at this level?  At the end I again added some black into the pupil.

Wow, it looks worse close up then it did when I was working on it.  The paint looks so lumpy.  Will it matter?  It doesn't look lumpy when I am looking closely at them.  Sometimes I don't like the macro settings.  We will see how it looks when the clear resin coats it.

NOTE:  This part of the post was actually done yesterday.  I was planning on also including information about coating the eyes with clear resin in this post, but it seems to be taking a while to cure.  So I will just post the painting part of the progress and post about the clear resin part when that is done.  And that can take days if this thing takes over 24 hours to cure each layer.  I am also planning on casting at least another pair of eyes to get more practice making better eyes.

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