Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10mm Eyes Project: Part 3

I first made my carving wax eye, then made a 2 part silicone mold for it.  Today I cast in urethane resin for the first time... small scale.

I mixed 5 cc of Smooth-Cast 300.  That is less than 1/4 an oz.  Do you know how hard is it to pour that much liquid?  Well, the pouring I suppose isn't a problem as long as you stop quick enough, but the mess that follows is something else.  But practice makes perfect... or makes thing a tad better and the mess less.

Nice time progression.  I used a stop watch to help me know when 90 seconds of stirring was up and to pour quickly.

Since it is a 2 part mold with no extra vents, I poured into the first half then put the mold together before pouring the rest.  This ensured the bottom portion casts properly.

Above you can see how it looks like when I remove the top mold after the resin has cured.  Even after curing for 20-30 minutes the rod part is a bit flexible.

Here you can see how the original eye looks compared to the new resin eye.  The resin eye looks rather white but it is actually a little off white when compared to the plastrut rod used on the carving wax original.

Above you can see the 2 resin eyes I made.  Not the best picture though.  I hope to paint them soon and then seal with a clear epoxy resin (which I still need to get).

The great thing so far with making the silicone molds and casting in urethane resin is that the cups and stir sticks can be reusable.  Some cleaning is required.

You can see above that I ended up mixing tooooooo much resin.  It is just hard dealing in small quantities.  You can also see a tiny resin rod from my first attempt at pouring a put together mold.  The air in the eye part could not escape.  That is why for the other 2 casts I poured into the bottom mold first before putting both mold parts together to finish pouring the rod part.  It worked out great.

In the future I plan to make a mold that will allow me to cast multiple eyes at the same time.  I am not sure whether it would be 2 eyes or more pairs at the same time.  That would reduce the amount of resin wasted.  But do I really need that many eyes?

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