Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am just about set to start making my first silicone rubber mold.  I have my molding kit, safety equipment, mixing items, mold box, and my BJD's head is ready.  Most importantly I have read and watched all the instructional information that came with my molding & casting kit.  All I would have to do now is make the clay build up for the first pouring of silicone rubber.

The BJD's head is going to be a 4 part mold to make her head hollow and to make her face plate separate.  This will require 3 separate silicone mold pourings.  Each pouring takes 6 hours to cure.  Between pourings I will have to either remove or add clay for the buildup.  So I figured I would need at least 2 days to dedicate to this.  Although I could do one pouring today I won't be able to do the other pourings until sometime next week.  (I will be gone for most of Friday to Sunday, which also means no updates during that time either.)  As eager as I am to try one pouring today, I think I will wait until next week.

I will also be pouring the silicone mold for the eye I made last week.  I haven't quite decided whether I will do a simple one piece mold, a single block mold with cuts, or if it will be a 2 part mold.  The first option will have a smooth back and the last two options will allow me to have a stick attached to the back of the eyes.

So check back next week to see how things went making a silicone rubber mold without the use of a pressure pot.

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