Saturday, September 17, 2011

2.2l Sculpting (Arisu)

Almost done with the details of Arisu's head.  It has been a rather difficult journey, but my next doll's head should be easier to do.

Below is her head as of tonight.  It seems I need to do a little more work on her nose and get her ears set.  Then I need to sand the surface smooth.

Notice her nose is a bit crooked?

Nose is a bit thicker than I like.

Notice right nostril is not looking good.

Otherwise her head is coming along really well.  It can be hard at times to see the different between the last head I posted and this one since I sand here and there in little amounts.  I am looking for uneven surface and coverage.  Her lips were finalized.  I won't be posting another head shot until I can get her ears done.  And then I get to test run making a silicone rubber mold and casting in urethane resin.

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