Monday, September 12, 2011

2.2j Sculpting (Arisu)

I took a few days break from working on Arisu, but I am back to working on her.

Yesterday and today I spent a considerable amount of time working on her head.  Since I made sandpaper pieces I was able to give her a good sanding to help finish her head.  I went down to a 220 grit on her head and was able to get rid of drips and bumps.  I also finished off a lot of her face's details.  She is still lacking ears though.

She has a separate face plate which will allow me to make new faces for her and change them out easily.  I still need to work on how her head comes together and is taken apart.  It will involve the use of magnets.

Most of her eyes were done with the 10mm beads in place.  When I was happy with how she looked, I removed them and cleaned up the lines.  I think she is looking really nice now.  You can also see how I did her nose and cleaned up her mouth area.

I even cut her body into 2 parts in preparation of attempting to make her body joint.

So far I am very pleased with how her head looks.  I still need to add her ears to finish her head.

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