Thursday, September 1, 2011

2.2i Sculpting (Arisu)

I have been spend a lot of time on Arisu's head since I have started on a new one.

I bought some 10mm beads for her eyes.  The face is still rough so there is a lot to do.  I have decided she will have interchangeable face cap.  In the second picture you can see the line where the face cap is.  The line near the ears to the bottom of the face is not a definite yet though.

I do wish I had some rasps though.  I have been adding wax to certain areas that dip and using my small metal file to smooth it out.  Unfortunately the wax clogs the file, so I have to burn it out with the alcohol lamp.  Best to do that outside.  Better to get the uneven surface dealt with now.

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