Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Wax Pen

I decided to try out a Max Wax Pen for working with my carving wax.  Although I am quite happy with my wax melting pot and alcohol lamp, there can be times when a wax pen is useful.  For example, when welding two parts together as seamless as possible.

Below is a picture that shows the ball joint and leg that were welded together.

The Max Wax Pen is battery operated (single AA) and heats up to 850° when you press down the button.  I have not tested how hot it gets, but in a matter of a second or two you can burn wax.

It did a nice job for sealing the seams.  I will have to experiment with it more to see what other uses I can get out of it.  Something else I was thinking of trying out is a non-electric kistka or batik pen.  Although I am not sure what I would use that for, but it seems like a cool tool to try out.

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