Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The inspiration to use moulage came from the blog, Atelier de PoupéeHere is a post about moulage mold from the blog.

I ordered 5 pounds of Douglas and Sturges Moulage from www.dickblick.com.

What interested me about making molds with Moulage is that it is reusuable (50-100 times).  This will allow me more creative freedom without worrying about wasting materials.  How so?  Well, I can make a junk mold of my work-in-progress sculpt and cast copies in Carving Wax (which is also reusable).  Once I am done casting my copies, I just cut up the moulage mold and store it for future use.  Nothing wasted.  Since I now have multiple copies of my original sculpt I can be creative without fear of losing all the work already put into it.

So far I have only made molds in Plaster of Paris.  If I were to make a junk mold with plaster it would be wasteful.  I can not cut plaster molds up and reuse it.  The plus side for plaster is that the mold will last a long time as long as it is well cared for.  So there will be times where plaster molds are preferred over moulage.  Of course there are many other materials that can be used to make molds and they each have their own pros and cons.

When I finally get to experiment with Moulage I will post more about it.

Instructions for Moulage

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