Saturday, August 20, 2011

Basic Bodice Sloper

This is a good video on how to make a basic bodice sloper.

Pattern Drafting 101: Basic Bodice Sloper

A slopers has your measurements, but does not take into account seam allowance. It will help with making a pattern for other clothings if you know what the measurements of the body are. Although the video is geared towards making clothes for humans, they can also be used to make clothing for dolls.

I have made a sloper for my dog, which helped in creating a variety of outfits for my dog.  This included elaborate Halloween ones as well that won ribbons.

This is a dragon costume made. I made a full body pattern. Even though I had books with dog cloth patterns I was unhappy with the fitting because they were not made with her shape in mind.

Another dragon outfit made for another Holloween.

A peasant girl outfit made for a Renaissance Fair.

Here is the pattern I made of her.  You can call it her sloper, but it had some seam allowance added to it.

From that one pattern, I was able to make various parts needed for her Renaissance costume.  You can see here how useful the original pattern was in making this.  And it was all made to fit her perfectly.

So on that same note.  Making a basic bodice sloper of your doll can open the doors up to creative clothes making which will fit your doll perfectly.

No dogs were hurt in the making and wearing of the clothes. She actually enjoyed struting around in her clothing...haha Silly pup.

Merits of a Basic Fitting Pattern - Slopers

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