Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ball Mold

At a craft store I found 2 piece set of 2" wooden doll pins. I thought these would be great to make a plaster mold of and to cast in wax. The ball already comes with a spout of its own.  Plus I can remove the spout part and use it as a spout for making other molds.

Above you can see the doll pin and the plaster mold made from it.  On the right side you can see the wax ball and wax spout that was already cleaned up.  On far left you can see a wooden bead I am guessing is 5/8" in the ball socket.  So the wax ball cast from the doll pin plaster mold is slightly larger than the wooden bead.  The wooden bead was what I was using for Arisu's hip socket.  I upgraded her to one of these nice wax balls I made.  It actually works out better since I was planning on increasing the thickness of Arisu's legs.

I will definitely be casting more of these doll pins and build up a nice supply of these wax balls and spouts.

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