Thursday, August 18, 2011

Arm Joint Study 1.1

My doll Arisu is small, so working her arms has been difficult. When you stand with your arms at your side, where is your elbow? For me, my elbow is neither facing my backside or away from my side. It is angled behind and away. Then considering the forearm direction and wrists as well. So instead of going crazy in thought and practice on a tiny scale, I decided to enlarge my working drawing and work the arm on a larger scale.

I made the left arm from Y2 Klay using an enlarged working drawing. A simple plaster mold was made.

You can see the plaster mold I made. Nothing fancy at all. The arm and plaster mold was made yesterday.

You can see the comparison of the original working drawing on the left and the larger one on the right. I made several copies of the arm in carving wax. These are not yet cleaned up.

Now I can experiment with the arm contours and joints without straining my eyes nor destroying the progress already made on Arisu's arm. This time I even cast the arms hollow by pouring the excess wax out after the wall 'seemed' thick enough. It would 'seem' I need more practice with that too.

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