Saturday, August 20, 2011

Arisu Bodice Sloper

Please see this post about a Bodice Sloper is and a video that I used to make mine for Arisu.

Here is my drawing of the bodice sloper with her measurements.  This is a bit difficult since she is such a small one.  Plus, her body is not done being modified so it is likely to change.  But this is good practice.

Here I made a copy of the drawing with another piece of graph paper and then cut out the pattern (with ample seam allowance in my fabric.  I sewed the edges together.  I cut the whole for the neck out, but didn't bother to sew it. Notice though that I messed up the waist to collar bone measurement for the cut out, but it worked out okay.

Here the sewing is complete.  Now it is time to put it on her body to see how it fits.

It fit easily over her head and was a good fit to her waist.  I put her left on arm so I can see how it looks.  When I did the measurements I added her shoulder which included part of the arm, but I don't think I should have done that.  I think I need to shorten her shoulder length for the sloper.  You can extra fabric around the sides.  Does that mean the bust measurements was too much?

View of the back shows that the neck line is right up to the neck.  But if you looked at the front picture the neckline is down a bit.  In the future I can lower the neck for the back side to compensate.

I took her arm off to get a better look at where the excess fabric is.  I have a few ideas on how to make it more form fitting.

Better view of her neckline.  You can see how it is tight on the back but looser in the front.  This can easily be compensated by making the neck line a little different for front and back pattern.

Some of the measurement changes I need to make is the neck line, the shoulder length needs to be half, the location of the arm pit (the cut out and measurements were off, so halfway between would probably work better), and the bust line needs to be decreased.  That should make a good sloper.  When making real clothes though it is not going to be skin tight like a sloper is.  The current bodice pattern is going to be modified to make a sweat shirt since it is close to the look I want.

Keeping in mind when making clothes for your BJDs that the thickness of fabric can change your seam allowance.  Plus, you have to make sure you can get the clothes on and off your doll.  Whether you put it on with limbs off or if the doll has enough flexibility to allow clothes to be put on.

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