Sunday, August 28, 2011

4.1g Carving Wax (Arisu)

I made a junk moulage mold so that I can cast some copies of Arisu's legs and arms.  It is time to attempt to make joints and I didn't want to accidentally ruin the progress thus far.

So first off I am working on the legs.

Her joints are the size of these 5/8" wooden beads.  So I will add them to the top of the legs I cast copies of.

I attached the left leg to the wooden bead to create the correct length. Then I matched it on the right side.

I had to shorten the space between her two legs.  If you look at the first picture in this post and compare her crotch to this picture above you will see what I am talking about.  She now has 2 legs placed well in her hips.  Below you can see more angles.

Looks like a good start with joints.

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