Thursday, August 18, 2011

4.1d Carving Wax (Arisu)

The refining of her shape goes so much faster in carving wax than it did for me using Super Sculpey (which is what her original body was made of before making plaster molds and casting the parts in carving wax).

The picture above shows how I was adding wax to the legs and arms. For the arm joint I dipped the part in the wax a few times to build up the layers. On the leg you can see where I added more wax to her leg by spreading hot wax onto those parts.

This picture shows how she looks after I worked on her some more. The arm and leg look much better now. I have been working mostly on her left side right now. The right side still needs more work.

I have also made her body hollow now.

And I have cast her head in carving wax a few times so I can experiment.  This time I even made them hollow.

I even made more carving wax today. Not that I am low or anything like that. I still have plenty from the first batch.

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