Friday, August 12, 2011

4.1a Carving Wax (Arisu)

All I have done so far is removed the flashing and a little carving to her head. Her eyes are going to be different, so they are a work in progress.

I really like this Carving Wax.  When cool it is smooth and solid enough to carve, but not so much that it is difficult.  It leaves a slight waxy feel to my hands, but much less offensive than the feeling I get from working with Y2 Klay.  With Y2 Klay I feel the need to wash my hands, but with the Carving Wax I don't feel I need to.  Y2 Klay is more of a sculpting medium for me and Carving Wax will be used to refine the details before the final resin cast.  I do not think the Carving Wax will replace my need of Y2 Klay though since again, I am using them for different purposes.

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  1. I think you are using Y2Klay the same way I am using brown sculpture wax. The modeling material is much softer than the carving wax. They have different properties, and are used according to their properties.