Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2.2h Sculpting (Arisu)

Sculpting my BJD's head has been difficult.  There is a certain look I am trying to get so I keep carving and adding wax.  I finally did put 2 8mm beads for her eyes so I can better see how she looks.  Instead of 8mm I think she is going to need 10mm beads.  Her eyes are too small for my tastes.

Below is her current progress.  Her face is not finished though.  Her right eye is too high.  Her nose tip is not done.  Most of the right side of the face is not complete.  The ears are not done.  You get the idea?

Today I cast a few more wax carving heads from the head plaster mold.  When comparing the original look and what she has now, I can tell how far I went.  I can see how much smaller her head is from just shaving a little here and there so many times.  Although I think her face is cute, I am not pleased with the direction I took her head.  That is why I cast a few more wax carving heads.  But before I can get down to working on her head again I need to go get some 10mm beads.

Here are a few more views of her current head and a carving wax head straight from the plaster mold.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and figure out if this was the direction you wanted to go.

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