Monday, August 8, 2011

2.2c Sulpting (Draog)

I have worked on this one on and off since last time I posted an update for him.

Here is his body as of now. I have been working on his hind end making his legs. The left side is much better than the right at the moment. I put a hole on each side where the socket should be.

The legs also have a hole where they align with the hole on the bodies.  This helps me ensure I get an event placement.  I had the left leg close to finish for a while, but making the right leg match it was a challenge.  But I think I have it pretty close.  The paw area is not complete though so it looks like a hoof, which will not be the final result.

Sorry for the odd angle of the below picture.  Since he doesn't have sockets yet I had to hold the legs to his body to get a good shot.  I still have to sculpt around the back end to make the legs look more natural with the body.  By accident I found the ridges I  made on the body where I cut out a slot for the legs made perfect stops for leg movements.

I also need to work on my other 2 dolls.  Arisu and the Kodama.

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