Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kodama: Part 2

Here is the progress thus far. The first few pictures are from a few days ago and the last picture is from today. I have added to the sculpt and haven't taken a new picture though. For the most part, his head is complete. It needs some cleaning up though. His body I am still trying to fix the middle joint.

Once the body joint and shape is all set, I plan to layer some paper mache to give it strength.  At the same time I will layer paper mache on the arms and legs too. I don't think the head is fine as it is and won't need more strength to withstand elastic tension.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Carving Wax: Recipe

Carving Wax Recipe:
900 grams paraffin
900 grams microcrystalline
1800 grams industrial talc
200 grams beeswax
200 grams carnauba wax

Which is:
4.5 parts microcrystalline wax
4.5 parts paraffin wax
9 parts talc
1 part beeswax
1 part carnauba wax

My ingredients:
2 pounds of batik paraffin/micro wax (50/50)
2 pounds of baby powder (talc not cornstarch
3.5 oz beeswax
3.5 oz carnauba wax

That should make almost 4.5 pounds of carving wax. Now to wait for my order to arrive. I should also check the second hand stores for a slow cooker to use.

**Note: This is not my carving wax recipe. Please click on the carving wax recipe link above for a post which contains more information about it. Here is another website that talks about carving wax.

I posted how I made the Carving Wax with lots of pictures.  It shows the equipment I used and the process.  Including casting from a plaster mold.

2.2b Sculpting (Draog)

I still like sculpting in Y2 Klay, but the static from small shavings is getting a little annoying. I wonder if there is something I can do to either eliminate or lessen it.

Since last time I have started working on the hind legs. I built up these parts instead of just carving them from a chunk like the body and head. I found it difficult to sculpt so I thought to try something else. I scanned the original drawing and made a digital one. I printed it out in the size I wanted and glued them to chip board. I cut out the body and legs so now I have a template to help shape the parts. This should also help make the legs even.

In the above picture you can see the digital image I made and the chip boards I glued them to.  The cut outs are placed on top of the clay forms.  I found the originally body I was carving to be too long so I cut it in half and reattached it.  Now the length is much better, but the chest portion still needs more work.  The hind legs are starting to come along, but are still in the rough stage.  I am trying to find good reference pictures of hing legs from the back so I can shape it better.  I will also need to remove a chunk from the body where the legs attach.

The head itself needs more work too.  It has been reduced since the original made, but I am not sure yet how much work to do with it so I wait.  The Draog is supposed to be young, so a head that is a little large is acceptable as long as the rest of the body compliments the look.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kodama: Part 1

I decided the Kodama would be perfect for this experiment. I originally was planning on making it in Premix (La Doll and Premier mixed), but thought the addition of paper mache strips may make it more durable.

Name: None
Type: Humanoid Spirit
Gender: None
Age: None
Size: 4" tall
Sculpting Material: Paper Mache and Premix

: A kodama is a spirit from Japanese folklore, which is believed to live in certain trees (wikipedia).  I will be using an anime, Princess Mononoke, for the reference of how Kodama will look and move.  They will be small, white humanoids with large, rattling heads and mask-like features (wikipedia).

Here is my concept drawing of a Kodama I wanted to make.  Very simple in design.  In the picture above you can see the armature.  The armature has a foam core wrapped in shopping bag plastic tied off with thread.

The paper mache paste was made from water, flour, and glue.  No exact measuring or anything.  I made paper strips from junk mail and spread the paste onto it.  The arms and legs were made by wrapping premix around a kabob rod.

Now I just need to wait for the parts to dry.  Then I will form the shape up, cut it apart to make joints, etc.

Here is a nice paper mache site:  Stolloween

Friday, July 15, 2011

Premix Experiment

I think it is important to experiment on different materials when making art. So far I had worked mostly in Super Sculpey for Arisu. I am not fond of this material, so I thought to try Premix, mixutre of La Doll and Premier paper clays.

First off, I didn't want to make a completely new sculpture at this time so I used the plaster molds I made of Arisu to help shape the paper clay. I made a head and torso.

The head didn't get all its details, which is fine for the experiment. I was able to make the body hollow so I cut where I wanted to make a joint. I found working with paper clay not being my thing. The dust you get from shaping, carving, cutting was all over the place. I have heard people say not to inhale the stuff, so I didn't like all the extra precautions and cleaning I was doing while working with the Premix. I found myself breaking the parts every now and again and finding it difficult to repair the breaks without it breaking again. So I ended the experiment.

On the left you can see the original working drawing for Arisu, then the Premix experiment.  You can also see the original Super Sculpey sculpture of Arisu and one part of the plaster mold for the head.

Now, don't get me wrong.  The Premix or paper clay in general may work for others, but for me in my current project it didn't.  I would like to make a Kodama doll, which might work well with the paper clay material.  I could then leave it as a OOAK (One of a Kind) Doll.

Next month I should be able to make carving wax, which I will cast in the plaster molds.  So I can continue to work with Arisu.  I do have some major changes planned for her since her name has been finally determined.  This gives her more character to develop in her doll.

2.2a Sculpting (Draog)

Name: ???
Type: Bestial Dragon (AKA Draog)
Gender: Male
Age: Young
Size:  Around 6" tall and less than 12" long

Description:  Originally I wanted to make my Draog as a BJD, but I decided to do my chibi first since I have never made a BJD before.  Although I have not completed a doll yet, I have gained more knowledge and have decided to start on him.  He is a bestial type dragon, so he has more beast traits than reptile ones.  I named him Draog because he is somewhat part dragon part dog.  His movement is to be like a dog rather than reptile.  His head is supposed to be dragon-ish.  It is not known yet if he will be capable of flight or what features he will have.  It is likely he will have fur in various places.  He will have long ears and horns on his head.

Sculpting Material:  I decided to test out my Y2 Klay for sculpting my Draog.  So far I am very pleased with this material.  One bad trait though is that it can be a bit sticky and little shavings can have static.  Thus some warmed up shavings get stuck back on the sculpt in random places.  I have to keep removing little tid bits while working to reduce this issue.  But otherwise this material is just great.  It warms easily without having to worry about distorting the sculpting while holding it firmly.  I have been using wood carving tools for now.  So I am doing subtractive sculpting rather than additive at this moment.

I didn't make a working drawing to allow for more creative possibility.  The drawing shows a basic structure and design, so he looks rather plain.  I did this head over the past week and finally took a picture of it yesterday.

Here is a close up of his head.

I made some changes to his head today to make it less blocky and more natural.  His body I have been working on for the past few days.  Sculpting Draog has been very time consuming.  Not only am I new at sculpting my Draog, but I am also learning how to use Y2 Klay.