Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2.2d Sculpting (Arisu)

I have redone the body since the last picture I posted. I have to remember what kind of doll I am making. I am trying to make an anime chibi female.   I wanted her a little more mature than the previous body indicated, which is why I redid the chest and added more curves. And I need to keep in mind that details need to be simple.

So here is the current progress. For now the body is done. The legs have some angles carved out, but that is all I will do for this stage. I will add more curves to the angles at the next stage. Her arms need to have some angles added as well.  And I suppose I still need to do the hands and feet too.

Then there is the head.  It has been hard for me to figure out since I am using drawing to figure out how to sculpt her face.  Her face is still not completed, but below are some pictures of her face at different angles.

The legs and arms were made hollow by wrapping clay around a straw.  Since I couldn't bake these limbs in the oven because of the straw, I made a solar box.  This box heats up to 150 F thanks to the sun and I bake parts for 2 hours.  The clay is hard enough by then to be able to pull the straw out carefully with a pliers.  If I want to I can rebake them in the oven.

The head was made hollow by balling up tin foil then wrapping clay around it.  After it is baked and cooled I sawed her head open to pull out the tin foil.  The only problem with this is that the thickness of the head varies... lucky me it was thick where I decided to put the eyes so it took a while to carve it out.

Until next time.

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