Saturday, June 11, 2011

2.1 Build Armature (Arisu)

The clay I will be using to sculpt my doll form is Super Sculpey, which requires an armature to help maintain its form.  I decided to go with aluminum wire for the armature.  Her arms are out to the side in hopes that it will be easier to form her arms.

I guess I technically could make a finished doll with just Super Sculpey, but I would need to make the doll hollow.  Instead I plan to create a rough sculpture form with Super Sculpey then hack it to pieces to make a mold.  Then it will be cast with carving wax.  At that stage the details will be refined and the joints finished.  Then time for another mold to be made and then finally cast in resin.  And the list goes on and on about all the other steps that follow.  I could spend all my time thinking of the whole process from start to finish, but then I would get nothing done.  Sometimes it is better to make a few plans and start them.

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